McCain Pulled it Together for Nonpartisanship

By Emma Shapiro

Before John McCain was laid to rest, he requested former President Barack Obama to speak at his funeral service but banned current President Donald Trump. The simple request led to massive media coverage, not only because of the denial of his attendance, but because the death of McCain symbolized an end to respectful politicians and the current divide within the Republican party.

Throughout his 21 years as a senator, McCain developed a reputable name for himself. He is most notable in my mind for winning the 2008 Republican primary and going head-to-head against former President Barack Obama in the 2008 election. This past year, McCain publicly spoke about his discontent with the current president by discrediting President Trump’s bills. Trump tweeted negatively regarding the highly respected politician, and after McCain’s passing, the president hesitated to put the symbolic flag at half mast, according to CNN .

McCain consistently cared more for the individual and the country as a whole rather than his own party and its sometimes outlandish beliefs, which made him a truly inspiring politician for both Democrats and Republicans. My definition of a respectful politician is someone focused on the betterment of the country instead of the betterment of his own political party. John McCain exemplified these characteristics by repeatedly dismissing rumors made by members of his party and instead crediting other politicians for their work.

By judging the work of Democrats or Republicans as the quality of the work opposed to the work being deemed a “Democratic/Republican” bill, McCain was able to separate his party’s beliefs from his own logical judgment calls.


Additionally, during the 2008 election, the former Arizona senator spoke out against false claims towards the Democratic candidate Barack Obama, and tried to put any false sense of discomfort to bed, which was covered by many news outlets. Despite being confronted with questions by voters about Obama’s religion, McCain was able to eloquently and effectively deter the conversation and persuade his voters to vote for him because of his ideas, not because the other candidate is Muslim.

Politicians who automatically agree with their political party’s bills and decisions ultimately lose their voices and opinions on issues that they can differ from their own party.

The divide in the Republican party is most evident during the presidency of Trump. Despite McCain and Trump’s unity through their party, their positions were very dissimilar because of their differing political backgrounds and views on the future of America.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has been unable to see eye-to-eye with many politicians, primarily Democrats. McCain voiced his concern with Trump’s authority, and there was animosity between the two, especially when McCain voted against Trump’s bill to repeal ObamaCare.

Moreover, McCain’s funeral showcased a divide within the Republican party due to his request to not have the Trump family in attendance.

Denying his invitation continued to prove the political differences between the two and the widespread beliefs within the Republican party. A sense of the new republicanism beliefs towards the current president and his followers differs from the more uniformed republicanism of more experienced politicians.

The feud between Trump and McCain is well known by the public and led to backlashes from the president directed at the former Arizona senator. Despite being put under a microscope by the supporters of Trump’s presidency, McCain remained firm in his beliefs.

During the most recent election, McCain endorsed Trump’s campaign initially, but in my opinion, that was due to him winning the Republican primary, not because of the similarities in their viewpoints .

More importantly, following the allegations against Trump, he withdrew his support. By withdrawing his support, it shows that although the issue wasn’t politically related, McCain would never align himself with the scandals surrounding the Trump campaign and the type of politician Trump is.

McCain’s views on policies proposed by other members of his party didn’t deter him from remaining firm in his personal beliefs and what he perceived to benefit the country as a whole by voting against it. He wasn’t bullied into submission. The entire world would be remiss to not thank McCain for his years of public service and his devotion to making the country a better place.

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